If you are a knife collector then you know the name Lone Wolf. Lone Wolf knives are quality knives par none. Lone Wolf Knives was formed in November of 2001 by former Gerber employees who left the company to form a new, high-end knife company. In the spring of 2002 Jim Wehrs (owner and president) of Lone Wolf Knives approached Paul Poehlmann the man who created the Paul Lock for the now classic Gerber Paul knives and asked him to finish the design of the Paul® Pocket Knife so that Lone Wolf Knives could put it into production. Paul agreed and put in many hours to finalize the design.

The design of the lock was finished and Lone Wolf went into full swing production of high end custom quality knives that utilized the Poehlmann locking system which is still to this day considered one of the strongest locking mechanisms in the cutlery business.  After only a very short time, less than a decade the Lone Wolf Knife Company was absorbed by the Benchmade Knife Company in 2010. Today the Benchmade Knife Company produces a few pieces of Lone Wolf designed knives and who knows how far that will go into the future.

If you are one of those people that own and have collected Lone Wolf Knives and want to obtain more of the original manufacture of these great knives then contact us at Bonds House Of Cutlery at 702-870-2347


Here is a link to a full database of list of the original Lone Wolf Knives that we currently have in stock. It is in Open Office .ods format but Microsoft products will open and translate it. Lone Wolf Inventory Click the link and it will take you to another page within the blog with a link to the downloadable document.



The Bonds House Of Cutlery Team