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Take Care of Your Tools With Knife Sharpening

Ray L. Walberg asked:

Ever since the very first tool was made it was seen just how important it was to sharpen knives. In colonial times when a new settlement was created a grist mill was normally the very first building to be built. These were used to sharpen tools, without sharp tools the speed of development will slow down dramatically.

Modern sharpening tools work in the same way as these old mills and whet stones. Modern equivalents are however much more powerful. Grinding wheels used to be powered by water, however they are now powered by electricity.

What to Look for in a Knife Sharpener

A knife sharpener is an extremely useful tool which will last for a number of years. There are various different types of knife sharpeners which all serve the same basic purpose. A table top grinder is very useful for sharpening the blades of gardening tools and axe blades.

You will commonly need to sharpen your chain saw blades on a regular basis to make sure that everything is cut evenly. To sharpen these chain saws you need specialist equipment. A drill bit style attachment is placed into the drill and rotates as the chain saw blade moves against it. When you are choosing a chain saw sharpener to buy you should find one that has multiple tips, these will wear down quickly.

A very high quality knife sharpener is the Tormek, this is mounted on the top of a bench and uses water to prevent any friction which would wear the machine out quickly. This grinder comes with a leather strop, however some other people suggest using a paper wheel to strop the edges of the knife.

When choosing a knife sharpener the most important thing is to consider the versatility. You should choose a device which can sharpen as many different types of blades possible, find out if it can sharpen longer blades, and make sure that it can strop the edges well. Also check how long the machine will last for, and find out how easy it is to get any spare parts. Some knife sharpening equipment can cost a lot of money.

Sharpeners for Everyday Uses

Heavy duty sharpening tools are probably only really needed for serious woodworkers or anyone that uses a chainsaw on a regular basis. For the general consumer you can get cheaper and more portable models.

You would find a basic handheld knife sharpener in a butchers shop, this is a very simple tool which does not need electricity. There are many other variations, including machines where you pass the blade of the knife between two sharpening wheels. A knife is sharpened when the knife is drawn at a 30 degree angle on an abrasive material.

You don’t need to use electric tools if you don’t want to, you can get good results using hand sharpeners. The skill is getting the angle right so that you can sharpen your blades as best as possible. There are plenty of classes which you can go to so you can learn more about knife sharpening.

Tactical Folding Knife – 7 Top Things to Consider Before Buying a Tactical Folder

Tactical Folding Knife – 7 Top Things to Consider Before Buying a Tactical Folder:

Today’ s knife is not like the knives of 30yrs ago. The knives of today are mostly one hand openers called a tactical folding knife. This is an indispensable tool to have on you. Having a tactical folding knife that opens with one hand can make common everyday cutting chores a simple thing to accomplish. The attraction to the tactical folding knife is that it is extremely popular with military, law enforcement and first responders of all types. This type of knife is called into emergency action hundreds of times a year and is used for cutting rope, cutting seat belts, and in some cases self defense in more extraordinary cases.

If you are a person that carries a pocket knife or tactical folding knife on a daily basis you will want to do your due diligence to guarantee yourself that the knife that you will be purchasing is a quality tactical knife. When you are considering purchasing a quality tactical knife there are some things you should be aware of. Here are 7 things you should look for before buying a tactical folding knife.

1. High quality steel. Steels like S30V, VG10 and 154CM offer a tactical folding knife more durability and superior edge holding ability. This is a major factor in picking a quality tactical folder.

2. The locking mechanism should be the most durable and positive that you can find. This is for your safety! The lock should be positive and not allow in any way the blade to fold up on your hand. Your standard locks are liner locks, mid locks, and back locks. There are others. Do your research.

3. Your carry method is important! Today’ s tactical folding knives come with a pocket clip. This is the easiest way to deploy and execute the use of your knife. Make sure that you can switch your pocket clip from right to left for ease of carry and so that you can use your other hand if the first one is out of commission for awhile.

4. How heavy do you want your tactical folding knife to be? Weight is an important consideration. The lighter the knife the easier it is to carry in many situations. Be aware that in many cases the lighter the knife is can compromise the toughness of the knife to.

5. The frame of the knife is another consideration. You can buy a tactical knife with a titanium frame or a steel frame which goes back to the weight of the knife. Along with what type of frame the knife has, what kind of handle material do you want? Polycarbonate? G-10? Aluminum? These are important issues that go toward the toughness of the knife you buy.

6. How will you open your tactical folding knife? Some one hand openers come with thumb studs and some come with a hold in the blade, and yet others come with accouterments that allow you to catch the lip of your pant pocket and pull back and the knife will open. Some one hand openers can also come with a “flipper” on the underside of the knife that allows you to use your index finger to “flip” the knife open.

7. Do you want your tactical folding knife to be a manual opener in which you use your thumb on a stud or hole or “flipper” to flick the blade open or do you want your tactical folder to be an assisted opener in which you start to open the blade and then a spring takes over to finish opening the blade for you?

There are other considerations to make when looking to buy a tactical folding knife. One thing I do want to say is that quality counts. Do not settle for something because it is cheap! You cannot get a quality one hand tactical folding knife for twenty bucks in this world or any other. Always buy the best you can afford and if you have to save up to buy quality, then do it. In the long run you will be happier.



Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener – Top Quality Sharpening

David Gore asked:

Wusthof, the company famous for their knives has now come out with their own line of electric knife sharpeners. An electric knife sharpener is the easier way to keep your knife’s blade sharp. So, if you want to keep your blade sharp you should at least have a look at a Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener.

Since knives are important tools which we need to prepare our food it is important to take care of them and not leave them to rust or be damaged. When you buy a knife it is your responsibility as user to keep them away from children and to put them on a proper place. It is also your responsibility to maintain its sharpness for sharp knives are safer compare to blunt ones.

In the past people used stones to sharpen their knives, sword any object with a sharp edge. They used it for not only preparing but hunting their food. After using stones as a knife sharpener people began to use steel to sharpen their knives.

But today electrical sharpeners are developed to aid people, especially the chef’s, to maintain sharp blades for their knives. An electric sharpener for knives can sharpen both straight blade and serrated ones, depending on the make and model.

You just have to follow the manual and the procedure and you’ll have your knife sharp again. However, before buying always make sure that the knife sharpener you want has all the features you need.

Wusthof is a known brand for making quality and durable knives, not only for household use but also for culinary use. When people buy a knife they first look at the sharpness of the blade and what it is made of.

Wusthof is not only known for their knife’s quality but also for the sharpness of their knife’s edge. Now they have also have a sharpening device for their knives. Below are some of the Wusthof electric knife sharpener devices which could be useful for you.

Wusthof Electric Sharpener: This electric sharpener is made up of ABS plastic and stainless steel. It has 2 interlocking diamond wheels and will sharpen both edge of your knife at ones.

Wusthof 2 Stage Electric Knife Sharpener: Has a magnetic tray which will keep the metal shaving away the sharpening area, it can also sharpen the blade of your knife on both sides at once.

Wusthof Precision Edge Electric Knife Sharpener: Aside from sharpening your knife the replaceable diamond wheels also self-align the knife that is in the sharpening slot.

When you buy knives you have to make sure that they will last long so you have to be responsible to have it sharpen when you know that its blade is already blunt and can no longer cut properly. To some the brand of a certain thing will matter but people have to be practical for not all branded things are good quality.

When you buy an electric knife sharpener or anything for that matter, search the net first and read the comment and feedback of the people who have used them so that you’ll know if the said item is a good choice or not.

There is nothing wrong when consumers wants to get their money’s worth when buying things. Always keep in mind to not rush yourself when you go buying for something for you might find an item that might suit you best than the one you have already purchased.

That’s why it is important to read as much as you can about Wusthof electric knife sharpeners before you go out and buy one.

Honing a Knife Blade

Steve Efren asked:

For those who are new to the world of knife sharpening, often the most challenging part is knowing when to stop. How do you know when the knife is sharp enough? How do you get it to that point?

When sharpening a knife, sharpen until you see burrs. Then, turn the knife over, and sharpen the other side. The honing process will remove these burs, but they are important. Burrs are the only way to know that you have removed enough of the metal to sharpen the blade.

Once the blade has been sharpened using the rougher grit of your sharpener, stone, or file, then you will need to refine the blade. This is usually done with the opposite side of the sharpener, which has a smoother grit. Honing the blade can also be done with a leather strop. Simply repeat the process of sharpening the knife with this finer grit.

Some experienced knife sharpeners test the sharpness of the blade against an object. These may range from cutting across a nylon paint brush, to shaving the hair on your arm, to testing it on your thumb. If testing against your thumb, hold your thumb parallel or perpendicular to the blade and carefully slide the pad of your thumb across – not down – the blade. It can take quite some time to get a feel for this method, however, and you should not try it as a beginning knife sharpener. If you do it incorrectly, it is possible to slice your finger open. Another test is to hold the edge lightly against your fingernail, at about a 30 degree angle. Press down lightly. If it begins to cut into your nail, it is sharp. If it slips, the blade is dull. This can also be done using a pencil, a plastic pen, or another relatively soft solid object.

These tests, however, will not determine whether the edge has a burr or other imperfection. Burrs are naturally caused by the sharpening process. They are thin projections on the very edge of the knife. Usually, they are pushed left or right due to pressure in the sharpening process. Sometimes they point directly off the edge of the knife; this is called a “wire edge.” Because the burrs are very thin, this may seem like a very sharp edge. However, it is too thin, and the first use of the blade will break it off, leaving you with a very dull knife. If you seem to be getting very sharp knives after you use your knife sharpener, but they become dull within just one or two uses, this may be the culprit.

The easiest way for beginners to see burrs on the knife edge is to hold the blade up to the light. The light should bounce off the blade uniformly, except for where there is a burr. It can also be felt using your fingernail, although again, you should avoid using your fingers to test the blade of the knife unless you know you will not cut yourself.

Diamond Electric Knife Sharpeners – Get Precession Sharpening

David Gore asked:

Have you heard of diamond electric knife sharpeners? This kind of sharpener is one of the breakthroughs of modern sharpening technology. You get the best result of sharpening your knives when you use diamond sharpeners. Using this kind of machine, will give you a fine edge on your knives.

There are some machines that are coated with diamonds so that when you sharpen your knives, it gives a perfect result. Most of branded diamond electric knife sharpeners have longer warranties compared to cheaper no name models.

Some even give a lifetime warranty for their diamond knife sharpeners. Most branded machines are made with high quality material and are thus durable.

Here are some of the great brands and their models of diamond electric knife sharpeners to choose from:

Wusthof Precision Edge Chef’s Choice M130 Professional Sharpening Station Chef’s Choice 320 Chef’s Choice Edge 120These are some of the diamond electric knife sharpeners out there. There are of course others but these remain the most popular. But be aware that these models generally sell for at least $120.

Using diamond electric knife sharpeners keeps your knives in perfect condition and with high performance. Do clean or wash your sharpener after using it to discard or wash away the small metal particles and oils in order to keep your machine in good condition. This will always give you the best performance when it sharpens your knives.

Most chefs prefer their knives to be in the best performance when cutting food. It is very important that knives should be at its best edge of cutting so food can be cooked easily and no hassle on exerting effort sharpening your knives with stone sharpener or steel sharpeners.

What is good in diamond electric sharpeners is, it is easy to use and it takes only seconds to sharpen your knives without exerting effort or sweat. Most chefs look for new technology on how to sharpen knives in seconds to save time and energy also.

When you want to buy diamond electric sharpeners, always go around and shop to compare the price and brand of each make and model to make sure you are getting the best price. Each company has its own price, depending on the material they use to keep their machines durable and long lasting.

Although, the price of diamond electric knife sharpeners are a little bit expensive compare to the ordinary electric sharpeners they provide a better sharpening experience.

So if you want to choose a thing that is durable and long lasting usage, you can buy the diamond sharpener. You have nothing to worry about because most of the models on he market have longer warranties and others give lifetime warranty to their product.

You can also go shopping online through the internet. There are lots of websites who offers different brands of diamond electric knife sharpeners and models. It is so easy and convenient in terms of time and easy to access too.