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Keeping a razor edge on your kitchen cutlery helps keep the wheels of your restaurant turning smoothly and efficiently. Sharp knives also improve kitchen safety, since dull blades cause staff to push harder while cutting, increasing the likelihood of slippage.

The traditional sharpening steel has been used for years to hone kitchen knives. Unfortunately, using a steel properly takes A LOT of practice, and even if you do know how to use one well, your cutlery will still require a professional sharpening twice a year.

This is because as a blade dulls, its fine edge folds over. A steel, if used properly, can grind away the folded edge, but as time goes on this grinding wears down the edge’s angle. As the angle wears down it becomes harder and harder to put a fine edge on the blade, and eventually a professional must reset the angle.

A manual or electric angle sharpener restores the edge angle quickly and effectively, meaning you can save on costly professional knife sharpening by resetting the edge angle yourself.

The best way to do this is to invest in a two or three stage electric sharpener. Each stage hones the blade into a very fine conical shape that improves the edge’s durability and makes it easier to sharpen. The money you’ll save on professional sharpening services over the lifespan of an electric sharpener more than makes up for the unit’s initial cost.

Diamond coated grinders are the best option because they remove metal from the knife edge without heating the blade, which can weaken the steel and cause it to lose sharpness more quickly. Chef’s Choice knife sharpeners are known for their precision sharpening and diamond coated grinders, making them a long-time chef favorite the world over.

In tough economic times, cutting unnecessary costs through smart business practices can mean the difference between success and failure. Eliminating a professional knife sharpening service from your bills means you can take control of an outsourced expense and do it yourself, making your kitchen more efficient. And since the technology available in modern knife sharpeners takes the guesswork out of the process, you can get a great blade on every knife in your kitchen affordably and reliably every time.

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