Choosing a Knife Set – Forged Kitchen Knives Or Stamped Kitchen Knives?

John Gephart asked:

I wrote this article after I went through the unpleasant process of choosing a new kitchen knife set to purchase. There are so many brands of kitchen knives to choose from, in a myriad of styles and prices, all with different features. The biggest decision I had to make was in choosing between stamped kitchen knives and forged kitchen knives.

Many people believe that forged knives are much better than stamped knives. While this was true years ago, it is no longer true today. The manufacturing process of stamped knives has improved so much that they are now considered to be equal to forged knives by most experts.

There are differences between the two styles and each has their own separate benefits. A stamped knife is much lighter and many professional chefs agree is more flexible because it contains a thinner blade. A forged knife is considered to be a little more durable because of a thicker steel blade. Without getting too much into the manufacturing process, the major difference between the two is the stamping process involves using a cookie cutter method where the blade is actually punched out of a larger piece of steel while forging involves heating and flattening the blade repeatedly. Temperatures as high as 1900 degrees Fahrenheit are used.

Both methods can contain very sharp blades that hold their edge well. The higher the grade of stainless steel is what determines sharpness here and that can basically be determined by price. The more expensive the knife the better the steel is that’s used. In the end, your decision should be made based on how you are going to be using the knives most. If you plan on cutting a lot of heavy meats and large vegetables, forged is the way to go. If you do more stir frys or Asian type cooking, stamped is better.

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Kitchen Knives – Forged and Stamped Varieties

Kahea R asked:

When we talk about knives, we will see that there are several brands in the market producing different varieties. So, purchasing best knives may be a difficult task for you and you may get confused while looking for different items. In this article I am going to tell you some important facts in this regard. These facts may help you in purchasing right kind of knife that further fulfill all your cooking requirements.

Generally, kitchen knives are available in two types including forged and stamped utensils. When we talk about build and quality, we will observe that forged ones are best among all available types. Their high quality is just because of the manufacturing process used to build them. These varieties are handmade items that are crafted to highest quality with the help of high temperatures. However, their high quality also makes these items more expensive. Still people who are crazier about cooking love to purchase such tools. Many professional chefs also prefer to buy and use forged makes because of their sharpness and high quality.

If you take good care of your forged knives then you would see that these will serve you for long time. Moreover, you can also maintain its sharpness if you have a good knife sharpener. Remember, taking care of your knives is not a big deal and it’s not so much time consuming task. It is also a good option to sharp your tool before using for any cutting. This only takes some seconds. However, it is also a fact that many people simply forget to sharpen before cooking and cutting.

As already mentioned, that forged makes are expensive to purchase. So, those people who do not afford them can go with stamped sets. These makes are cheaper option as well, and are widely available.

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