Why Choose Victorinox Kitchen Knives?

Rossmc Cullum asked:

Victorinox kitchen knives are made by the very same company that is famous for the Swiss Army Knife. With over 100 years of experience making high quality knives, Victorinox has a complete line of high quality kitchen knives that will serve your restaurant or catering needs.

The first thing that you notice when you get to use a good set of kitchen knives is how well they actually cut. It is probably something that you have taken for granted as your set of kitchen knives may have some wear and tear on it. However, once you get a good set of cutlery such as the Vicorinox kitchen knives you will never use a dull blade again.

Selections in the fine offering of Victorinox kitchen knives begins with the paring knife available in black or red with a 3-inch or 4-inch blade. Paring fruits and vegetables is a breeze with this easy to use stainless steel knife. The rest of the fibrox nylon handled line of knives includes an assortment that is used for filleting, paring, slicing tomatoes and for general cooking.

Victorinox offers a full line of forged knives that any cook will fall in love with. Forged cutlery is made of top of the line steel and actually feels different as they have ergonomic handles that fit just right. The Victorinox kitchen knives feature a forged Santoku knife which has become very popular in recent years. The Santoku is perfect for chopping onions, celery, and pretty much any kind of vegetables or fruits. The razor sharp blade cuts through foods so easily.

The extensive line of Victorinox kitchen knives also features rosewood handle knives, microban knives and all of the accessories that go along with working in the kitchen – scissors, sharpeners, hand protection and peelers. Victorinox makes it easy for you to have a complete set of working kitchen knives without having to buy each one separately with their complete knife sets.

Each style of knives -Chefs, Rosewood and Microban – comes in a seven piece set with its own canvas wallet for easy storage. Plus each set comes with a cook’s knife, a fillet knife, a palette knife, a boning knife a steel knife a parer, a peeler and a sharpening device.

There is even a fourteen piece set that comes with its own roll bag carrying case. This set includes two cooks’ knives two serrated carvers, a filleting knife, a boning knife, a palette knife, potato peeler, canella, turning knife and sharpener. Victorinox also makes a small knife wallet that makes taking a few important knives on a catering job easy and convenient.

Having the right tools for the job is more important than you think. You could try getting away with less expensive items but you aren’t really saving money if you are not getting the most from your food costs. Being able to properly prep foods with properly sharpened kitchen knives makes a cook’s job easier and it is actually safer in the long run. Trying to cut through dense foods like raw chicken or thick cuts of beef without having the right utensils could end up being a waste of time and food products.

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High Quality Knives Are the Foundation of the Kitchen

Steve Dolan asked:

A good set of knives is the foundation for any serious kitchen. It is simply not possible to be a serious cook, to produce superior meals that will impress and delight your friends, without a set of kitchen knives that work with you, not against you. If you use ill-suited knives, or just poor quality knives, you are only making things harder for you in the kitchen. If you are an aspiring cook, or an accomplished cook who is just simply tired of making things more difficult than they need to be, this article will help you put together a set of quality kitchen knives.

Your First Kitchen Knives: The Basics

The single most important knife in your kitchen, and the starting point for any collection, is the Chef’s knife, sometimes known as the Cook’s knife. As the name suggests, this is your general all-purpose knife, able to do everything from mincing to chopping to slicing and to dicing. The Chef’s knife has a gently slopping blade and is usually around 8 inches long. The next knife you should invest in is the little brother to the Chef’s knife, the paring knife. The paring knife is basically just a smaller version of the Chef’s knife. The paring knife is designed for more detailed or intricate jobs than the Chef’s knife. A paring knife usually measures around 4 inches long or shorter. The third knife you should purchase to complete your basic set of kitchen knives is a bread knife. The bread knife should ideally be about the same size as your Chef’s knife, but instead of a straight blade, the bread knife will have a serrated edge. A knife with a serrated edge resembles a saw blade, with the blade having a series of u-shaped cuts into it. The bread knife is obviously great for slicing bread. It is also useful however, for cutting food that would be squashed from the pressure of a straight blade.

After you have established your basic collection, the possible additions to your collection are endless. You could buy a myriad of larger knives such as cleavers (large rectangular knives designed for cutting through bones and joints) or smaller knives such as tomato knives, utility knives or even grapefruit knives.

Caring For Your Knives

Even if you have purchased only moderately priced knives, you should be interested in learning how to preserve your investment. Knives will become dull over time as they are used. Fortunately, you can take a number of easy steps to help prolong the life of your blades. The most important step is to never put your knives in the dishwasher; you kitchen knives should always be washed by hand with a mild detergent and then hand dried. The second step is to always use a cutting board; other surfaces can damage your knife blade. The third step is to have your blades sharpened by a professional. And finally, do not keep your knives in a draw with all your other junk – the knives should be keep out of contact with any other metal in a knife block.

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